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Keynote Speakers

Frank Karlitschek

Frank Karlitschek

Founder at Nextcloud

Frank is the Founder and Managing Director at Nextcloud. He also founded the ownCloud project in 2010 to return control over the storing and sharing of information to consumers. Frank is also a KDE contributor since 2001.

Mario Behling

Mario Behling

CEO at OpnTec

Mario Behling is the CEO of OpnTec. He is a technologist with 15 years of experience in leading international development teams in Europe, Asia and India. He helped to get FOSSASIA started and advises Open Source Neurotech projects in Germany.

Hong Phuc Dang

Hong Phuc Dang

Founder at FOSSASIA

Hong Phuc Dang is the founder of FOSSASIA, the Open Source organization from Asia with the goal to bring together a global community to develop Open Tech solutions to form a better future. She advises open source and inner source strategies for NGOs and corporations such as Daimler and Zalando.

Featured Speakers

Tiejun Chen
Tiejun Chen
Staff Engineer, Technical Leader VMware
Niibe Yutaka
Niibe Yutaka Chairman Free Software Initiative of Japan
Christian Couder
Christian Couder
Senior Software Engineer GitLab
Martin Bähr
Martin Bähr
Mentor Changsha LUG, BLUG


Technology and Startups

Technology and Startups

Join us in November 2018 and learn about new developments in software, hardware, science and machine learning. Meet developers of Open Source neurotech, laptops that can send and receive on all frequencies, cloud deployment technologies like Kubernetes and web technologies across the board - Javascript, PHP, Ruby, HTML, Git, Android, DevOps, Docker and much more. In the business track you will meet startups that tell us how they succeed with Open Tech.

Science Hacks at FOSSASIA Summit

OpenTech, Artificial Intelligence and Blockchain

The OpenTechSummit is dedicated to Open Technologies. This year's focus is Artificial Intelligence. What are the technologies and scientific achievements that make our world run? What is the role of Data Scientists today? We have tracks on AI and machine learning personal assistants, sessions on Open Source solutions, customized hardware production and applications using Arduinos, Rapsberry PIs, and design focused workshops with topics ranging from UX design to small scale production of prototypes by the maker fablab community. In the Science track you will learn about how you can participate in the Citizen Science community.


Tracks at OpenTechSummit

OpenTechSummit China 2018 is looking for team members who are interested to co-host tracks at the event. Please get in touch!

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A little more about the OpenTechSummit

The OpenTechSummit is a place where developers, start-ups, and contributors around the world get together. Previous events took place in Singapore, Taiwan, Germany and Vietnam. Presentations range from hardware, to design, graphics and software. The OpenTechSummit was established in 2006.

Visit OpenTechSummit China to connect with developers, makers and learn about the Silicon Valley of the Far East.

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  • Day 1 - November 30 Shenzhen Tech Scene Exploration Day

    Visit factories, labs, and co-working spaces

  • Day 2 - December 1st Conference Day

    Opening, Keynotes, and presentations

  • Day 3 - December 2nd Culture and Networking

    Visit city attractions and social event

The OpenTechSummit China figures open source projects and communities across China and Asia.

FOSSASIA OpenTechSummit


Samita Yan

Samita Yan

Event Manager
Wen Qixiang

Wen Qixiang

Lian Xiaobei


FOSSASIA Coordinator
Gi Soong Chee

Gi Soong Chee

Xing Haijiao


FOSSASIA Coordinator

Eden Dang

FOSSASIA Program Manager

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Shenzhen OTS
Shenzhen, P.R.China 215123.